Hens Party Boat Charters: the memorable way to celebrate

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Calling all Hen’s and bridesmaids! Are you looking for a fun and memorable day out with your precious bride-to-be? Let Lifestyle Charters help you. Hen’s party cruises on Sydney Harbour are the ultimate way to celebrate. Whether you’re looking for a nice day out with the girls, or something a little cheekier, a private charter cruise boat will give you the fun, versatility, comfort, and that all-important instaworthy vibe for your celebration pics.

In this guide, we take you through the essentials of booking a Hen’s boat cruise and give you everything you need to help you make your upcoming Hen’s party boat cruise an event to remember!

Embark on an Unforgettable Hen’s Party Boat Adventure

If you’re anything like us, organising your best friend’s Hen’s party is all about making it a super special day out for your nearest and dearest and for the hen who loves luxe, a private charter yacht is just that.

The best thing about a Hen’s cruise on a luxury charter yacht is the privacy and intimacy of it. Is there anything better than being surrounded by your closest loved ones, with no one else around? It allows for genuine uninterrupted and carefree moments, deep conversations, loud sing-a-longs, uninhibited dancing and maybe even a shared speech – all in honour of the bride-to-be.

Private party boats are also wonderful for being so versatile. Play your own music, bring your own drinks, and relax at your own pace. And with hire options available day and night, you can book a cruise that compliments your other plans to make it the ultimate celebration.

Our tips for hosting a Hen’s day and night

We’ve hosted a few Hen’s in our time and they’ve all been a hoot. From cheeky entertainment to games and music, here are some tips for hosting the perfect Hen’s party on a private boat cruise in Sydney Harbour – no stress required!

Do they want some creative control, or do they want it to be a fun surprise? Do they like boats or would they prefer something land-based? How about local or destination Hen’s? Do they want a hotel for the night or prefer to go home to their comfy bed?

Traditionally Hen’s parties are a surprise but you can eliminate stress and anxiety by asking a few simple questions and setting priorities and boundaries to put her mind at ease without spoiling the fun and added surprises along the way. Just run a few things past the poor gal – she’s being put through enough!

It’s easy to overthink things but we’ve found keeping it simple usually results in the best celebrations! Consider simple packages for food and drink instead of BYO; or if you BYO, keep the options few and simple. And remember, boat parties are a vibe in themselves… you don’t have to go to too much effort with décor and games as the group will thoroughly enjoy the endless views, harbour swim and photo ops throughout the day/night.

This can be a tricky one but it must be considered up front as it may determine who and how many friends your Hen invites along. Each private cruise is different, but you’re looking at a ballpark figure of $150pp for a private Hen’s cruise on a gorgeous boat in Sydney Harbour plus food and drinks.

Many brides will invite in-laws, family and even grandparents to their Hen’s days – and don’t they love it! Consider making the first event of the day more family-friendly fun – it just so happens a private boat cruise is perfect for this.

Yachts are perfect for small groups and large groups. We can help you find the perfect vessel for your size group and budget.

Themes are so fun, and really make your photo memories pop. Whether it be a block colour theme (classic white), nautical, or even floral, a little direction for your guests and also for the overall look and feel of the party makes the planning much easier.

If you think the gals would love a bit of saucy entertainment during the day, private boat cruises offer the privacy and flexibility to make this happen. It’s fun and cheeky and even the MIL will laugh along, however, we ask you to let us know beforehand so we can work out the privacy and logistics considerations.

How much is a Hen’s party cruise?

With so many yachts and boats to choose from, Hen’s boat party packages are available all year round. Due to the customisable nature of private yacht charters, each Hen’s party is priced individually giving you flexibility and control over where you spend your budget. While we say cruises can start from $150 per head plus food and drinks, it really depends on the kind of vessel you want and the time of year due to seasonal pricing. Vessels range from $400 – $3000 per hour, plus wharf fees, BYO fees, waitstaff charges, food and drinks. Get in touch and we can put together a customised quote for your epic celebration.

The best thing about a Hen's cruise on a luxury charter yacht is the privacy and intimacy of it. It allows for genuine uninterrupted and carefree moments, deep conversations, loud sing-a-longs, uninhibited dancing and maybe even a shared speech – all in honour of the bride-to-be.

party boat hire sydney

The best cruise boats for Hen’s parties in Sydney

There are so many private charter boats to choose from so how do you choose the right boat for you? Again, it comes down to your priorities – budget, luxury, chic look and feel, BYO or fully catered. The options are endless. Best to talk us through what you’re trying to achieve and we can advise your best options.

Some of our favourite Hen’s party boats include:

hen’s party faqs

We have boats to suit all budgets – from budget-conscious to super luxe. Our vessels range from $500 – $3,000 per hour (plus fees), with some offering BYO while others specialise in full-catered experiences. Get in touch for quotes today!

Our vessels have a minimum of 3-4 hours, depending on the time of year. If you’re incorporating a meal and would like to have time to anchor and swim, we recommend four hours.

Yes, most charter boats offer BYO food and drinks with a BYO fee applied, however, some boats have restrictions on certain days and at certain times of the year. Don’t stress – we can easily talk you through your options.

Our vessels, Enigma and Felix, can take up to 41 guests and 25 guests respectively. However, we work with many other charter boats with varying capacities, allowing 12 to 200+ guests. Don’t worry, we’ll find the perfect vessel for you.

Every Hen’s party has its own needs and that’s what we’re in the business of doing – understanding your priorities and suggesting the right boat for your event.

Catamarans, yachts and smaller vessels are great for small intimate groups interested in BYO or basic food and drink options.

Then for those wanting a more luxury full-service experience, luxury vessels like Felix and Enigma, are a great option for those with the budget.

And for those who would really like to splurge, Sydney’s superyachts are, of course, an option for small and larger groups, including Bluestone, Shadow or OneWorld, who will blow you away with their five-star service and inclusions.

Yes, of course! Go wild. Just give us a heads-up to make arrangements for privacy and logistics.

Yes! We love live music and work with some great musicians and DJs who would add the perfect touch to your celebration. When booking, please advise us of your intention to have a DJ or musician, as this is important information for the vessels.
Yes, you can swim – in fact, we encourage it! There is nothing better than a dose of Vitamin Sea. Be sure to bring towels and togs and the crew will find a gorgeous swimming spot for you on the day.

Don’t worry, all vessels have marine toilets that look like the onshore toilets you know and love. This can be a source of anxiety for some, so if this is you, consider a small or large cruiser like Felix or Enigma for bathrooms you can enjoy.

Contact Us to Set Sail on Your Hen’s Party Journey

If you’d like to explore what a Hen’s party on Sydney Harbour would look like, we’d love to help. We know planning a Hen’s party can be a lot of pressure, so we promise to share the load and make it an unforgettable celebration!