Birthday Fun in the Sun: Your Guide to Birthday Boat Hire in Sydney Harbour

birthday boat hire sydney

If you’ve got a birthday to celebrate and you’re looking for something that’s fun, is active in a chill-kind-of-way, is fully catered with great vibes, will be memorable AF and gets everyone you love most to spend a solid few hours with you –  a boat birthday party is calling your name.

Boat day birthdays are the best way to celebrate; trust us, we have hosted a few! They are the perfect blend of luxury, relaxation, sun, salt and dance floor party vibes. Go from relaxing on the sun bed to relaxing on the lily pad to enjoying a little shimmy on the d-floor with a few bangers from your youth. A boat birthday has it all.

birthday boat hire sydney

Why have a Yacht Birthday Party in Sydney?

Celebrating your birthday on Sydney Harbour is one thing, but on a private luxury yacht, surrounded by only those you know and love… say no more. Sydney is one of those incredibly unique locations with so many harbourside restaurants, bars and venues, the options for pre or post-cruise celebrations are endless.

Picture this:

Your private party boat picks you up from your preferred wharf. Everyone boards and is greeted with a glass of champagne on arrival.

Music plays as you cruise around Sydney Harbour and find the perfect anchorage for a swim and a meal. Maybe you’ve added a lily pad, stand-up paddle boards, sun chill or pool pontoon to the charter to enhance everyone’s enjoyment in the water.

Drinks continue to flow as the playlist is taken over by your friends, the deck becomes a dancefloor as you commence the return cruise towards your last destination, not far from the bar where you’ve booked a table to kick on at.

Doesn’t sound too shabby, does it?

Planning Your Dream Birthday on our luxury yachts

Having hosted many incredibly successful and memorable birthday celebrations over the past few years, here are our essential tips and insights to plan a seamless and unforgettable birthday boat hire experience.

Go in with a budget in mind as this will help in yacht selection. Keep in mind that your budget will need to take into account charter fees, wharf fees, waitstaff, food and beverages (whether you BYO or select menus and packages through the vessel).

Consider live music such as a musician, DJ or saxophonist. Live music enhances every party – but it doesn’t come cheap! You’re looking at at least $2500 per four hour charter. 

If live music is a no-go, get a Spotify list together! You can even ask your friends to contribute to it to make sure all the bangers are on there.

Many boats will offer full BYO cruise options and if this sounds good to you, our advice would be to keep it simple! Choose a few crowd-pleasing options for beer, wine and spirits if required and if you’ve got fussier guests, they can BYO!

Every birthday needs a cake and a song… and maybe a few words of thanks as well. Be sure to BYO cake or organise it through the yacht’s chef. Check out Black Velvet Cakes for beautiful, delicious and affordable cakes.

Be sure to include details about the yacht shoe and towel policy on your invitations.

Everyone has that friend or family member who runs on their own time. Best to ask everyone to be at the wharf 15 minutes prior to the actual boarding time as with busy wharf bookings, the boats are unable to hang around for late guests.

Have an after-party venue planned. Even if you don’t use it, it’s always great to have somewhere to go if you fancy kicking on after your charter.

For extra fun in the sun, consider booking some swimming toys like Stand Up Paddleboards ($80 per board on Felix and Enigma), Sun Chills ($150 on Enigma and Felix), Aqua Lilypad (free on most vessels), FunAir Slide ($1500+), Pool Pontoon ($400 on Enigma and Felix).

They are always so much fun and help to make the harbour more approachable for those who may not be the most confident swimmers. Highly recommend!

What about other entertainment? There are so many fun activities you can add to your charters if interested… a jetboat ride ($1200+), Clay Bird Shooting ($1500+), Wine Tasting (from $400), and cocktail mixologists (from $400) – just to name a few!

birthday boat hire sydney

The best birthday cruise itinerary

This is the best and only birthday charter cruise itinerary you need. As we said before, keep it simple. You’re on a gorgeous yacht on the harbour – everyone is already having a great time. Here is all you need to do…

1 pm  Guest pick-up from your preferred wharf and enjoy champagne or beer on arrival

From 1 pm–2 pm  Enjoy an incredible harbour cruise, taking photos of all the famous Sydney sites, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

From 2 pm–4 pm – Your captain will find the perfect anchorage for you to have a bite, a couple more drinks and a refreshing dip in the harbour. Relax on a sun bed, and spend quality time with loved ones while you switch between the water and a sunny spot-on board.

From 4 pm–5 pm – By now, the party is very much in full swing. Maybe the music has turned up a little and the classic hits are coming out. As the crew lift the anchor, guests start to dance or perhaps find their own cosy spot to relax and take in the stunning cityscape.

5 pm – You’re disembarking at your final destination, where some of you will disappear home and some of you will continue the party somewhere nearby.

Boat day birthdays are the perfect blend of luxury, relaxation, sun, salt and dance floor party vibes.

Where do you suggest kicking on after a harbour cruise?

A good party organiser always has a plan for where to go once the cruise is over. Here are some ideas on where to go to keep the good times going, and enjoy a meal, drink or last dance before heading home:

birthday boat hire sydney

let us help you throw an unforgettable birthday celebration

Cruising on the Harbour is in our blood, plus we love a good party! We have all the details covered, and with our fleet and trusted partners, we can find you the perfect yacht for your celebration.  We look forward to throwing a birthday party you’ll remember long after you’ve lost your sea legs. What are you waiting for?!