The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Party Boat Hire in Sydney

party boat hire sydney

Ever dreamed of hosting a luxury boat party on Sydney Harbour? You and your closest friends or family living the million-dollar lifestyle on board one of Sydney’s most luxurious yachts, having the time of your life? With Lifestyle Charters, we can help you make that dream come true… and here’s how.

Luxury Party Boat Hire in Sydney Harbour with Lifestyle Charters

Sydney Harbour is a sure thing when it comes to Sydney entertainment venues. Renowned for its natural beauty and iconic landmarks, hiring a luxury charter yacht on Sydney Harbour is the perfect foundation for a successful, sophisticated, scenic boat party your guests will never forget. And luxury boats don’t always mean big, expensive boats. Have a small group intimate party size? Perhaps Felix is more your style. Or if you do want more spaces and that classic superyacht vibe, take a look at Bluestone. 

We have been enjoying Sydney Harbour since we were 6-year-olds on dingys in the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers, and have been working professionals on Sydney Harbour for more than 15 years. We have celebrated and experienced many occasions on the harbour, including our very own wedding, so we know a good boat when we see one. 

We only work with the most trusted operators – boats we happily charter ourselves – so you can trust we’ll find the perfect vessel for you. And what you might not know, is that we’re boat operators ourselves! We own and operate two of Sydney’s most popular luxury charter boats, Enigma and Felix, and host more than 300 events annually. So it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing.

We’ll Help You Plan Your Dream Celebration Afloat

Sydney Harbour has an incredible variety of luxury yachts and party boats for hire. Whether it be short-term day charters or overnight charters, your dream celebration is possible with the help of Lifestyle Charters.

With our event planning specialists and charter managers, our team can support you to bring your ultimate party to life. From corporate events and milestones, celebrations, romantic getaways, weddings, family occasions or birthdays, we have the experience and trusted yacht portfolio to guarantee your event is successful and memorable.

We pride ourselves on working with the best suppliers on the harbour to bring you the most delicious, high-quality food made by some of Sydney’s best private chefs and caterers and the best Australian and international wines and beverages curated by top local sommeliers.

That said, many clients prefer to bring their own, so we offer BYO all year round. Most other boats have BYO available too, but there are exceptions, so it’s best to check upfront. And while some party boats on Sydney Harbour are already styled beautifully, there are ways of bringing a touch of your brand or personality onboard through floral arrangements, décor adjustments or even just by adding live music. There are so many ways to personalise your Sydney Harbour party boat, and we’re here to help with all of them.

Bigger is not always better: Small Party Boat Hire in Sydney

In our experience, small and intimate events are some of the best. Long days or evenings with close loved ones, small groups enjoying big experiences, slowing down and taking the time to truly appreciate the important things in life – good friends, food and wine.

If you’re looking to plan a small and intimate cruise, there are plenty of charter boat hire options across many budgets, including Enigma and Felix which are both perfect for intimate events. Speak to our friendly team, and we’ll help find the perfect small party boat to suit your occasion.

party boat hire sydney

For those moments that require a big celebration: Private Party Boat Hire on Sydney Harbour

Lifestyle Charters specialises in private party boat hire experiences and events, offering exclusive, custom and private events from two to 120 guests. And who doesn’t love a big party?! Private party boat hire in Sydney is a popular way of celebrating end-of-year success, Christmas parties, corporate team functions, exclusive media events and product launches.

There are many ways of personalising your yacht event, from branded styling, custom cushions, decals, ice, menus and more. Every event is completely customisable and hassle-free, with fully catered luxury yacht charter rentals inclusive of crew, catering, flowing drinks, or simply BYO, and bring your food and beverage with you.

We can work with your preferred suppliers or give you a list of those we know and trust. We have you covered for unforgettable parties that see you and your guests dancing the night away on deck under the stars. It’s all about the music, and a preplanned playlist or, where budget allows, live music, you won’t be able to stop the dancefloor escalation from happening.

With our trusted fleet of more than 40 boats, we have vessels available to suit all budgets – from glamorous sailing yachts and catamarans to small and large luxury yachts with every extravagance you can think of.

Why Lifestyle Charters is The Luxury Yacht Charter Company of Choice

Lifestyle Charters prides itself on being the best charter boat hire agency in the business. In the world of luxury boat hire in Sydney Harbour, we consistently stand out above the rest thanks to our mixed experience in yachting and events.

Our team is small and agile, naturally geared to look for solutions before raising problems. Our boats, Enigma and Felix, are two of the most popular charter boats on the harbour for good reason. In a given year, we facilitate and host close to 300 family, corporate and social events. 

Not only do we care deeply for our boats by keeping them impeccably maintained, but our crew are experts in parties and bringing all the energy to your events.

Where Enigma and Felix don’t quite fit the brief, we work with a personally curated fleet of boats we know and trust to deliver spectacular experiences on the Harbour.

We’re quick to establish what you’re looking for, the vibe of the event you’re after and your budget, guide you to the most appropriate charter boat, and suppliers, and develop a custom itinerary that will excite and delight you and your guests.

We are driven by our love of Sydney Harbour and our desire to share it with visitors and locals alike. 

party boat hire sydney

We’d love to hear from you and help deliver you an unforgettable experience both on shore and on board our boats.

Our professionalism and exceptional service standards set us apart from the rest. Lifestyle Charters operates in Sydney Harbour and Australia’s stunning East Coast for now, but the possibilities are endless.

We have relationships with yachts in Queensland’s Whitsundays, Brisbane and Gold Coast, or for those international explorers, we have relationships with boats who also spend time in the South Pacific. We look forward to welcoming you to Sydney Harbour!